A Tea-riffic Birthday Bash


birthday bashMy daughters have had every type of party over the years. So the idea of a traditional Tea Party sounded fun and different for our birthday bash. I found this venue by a simple google search after all my prior plans had fell through. 

Mrs. Potts Tea Party is a standalone house that is literally the cutest thing you have seen. You cannot miss it since it is bright pink with adorable tables and chairs set up in the front yard. 

I’m happy to share how awesome our experience was and what you can expect with a Mrs. Potts Tea Party of your own! 

Xo, Tiffany 

Upon arrival, our party was able to sit and start the experience before we even step foot into the house. We gathered and socialized as the guests arrived in the adorable front yard. The staff put a sign outside the front door with all my daughters’ name on it welcoming them and their party guests.birthday bash

Promptly at 2:30, our entourage was welcomed into the home by the 3 princesses I had requested per each of my daughter’s request. Snow White, Aurora and Merida (which is harder to find but this actress was spot on).

My birthday princesses were ushered back to the back room first by their favorite princess to get dolled up. While myself and the other party guests waited, we were able to take in the beauty and attention to detail that was displayed in this Disney cottage.

As a Disney super-fan, to see that the home was fully decked out in all types of old school Disney memorabilia was splendid. The moms and I couldn’t help but take in the pictures and be in awe of our childhood memories being displayed everywhere.

While the birthday girls got pampered and their friends waited their turn, the hand maiden played a quick game of Disney Princess trivia using the memorabilia around as clues. For the most part, it kept the girls occupied while they waited for everyone to get ready. 

Once all the little princesses were ready, the adults got to sit and watch the parade of beauties be presented like the royalty they are! The Disney Princess characters called them out so we could see them with the makeup, dresses, jewelry and heels they had picked out. Even the girls that were a little shy loved it! This was one of my favorite parts of the experience.

Next it was tea time. The girls sat down and had a real etiquette lesson by the Princesses. How to sit, napkin placement, and how to use your manners at the table were among the many lessons they learned that my daughters still remember. They enjoyed the “tea” which was just juice, sugar lumps, and an assortment of tea sandwiches. Food was not provided for the adults so I had to bring something which was disappointing especially since the girls did not eat all the sandwiches that were brought out to them so they definitely could have been given to the adults with some real tea. This may be able to be discussed with the venue to include as well.

Next, each Disney princess sang a signature song from their movie. The girls were in awe as they saw that the princesses not only looked the part but had beautiful singing voices as well. birthday bash

Finally it was time for the birthday activities. Cake was provided by the venue which made it much easier to plan the party on short notice. Snow White actually made the main cake that was delicious and very pretty.

Since I was celebrating 3 birthdays in one, they brought out a large cupcake for each one of my girls to have to blow out their own candle as I had requested. The finale was the presentation of gifts which was handled by the Princesses as well. They even provided us with a special book with the guest names and their corresponding gift which was great so I didn’t have to keep track.

Lastly, the party girls had a lesson in how to curtsy while the parents got a great photo ops with the princesses. The girls were then taken to the back to take off their special clothing and the party was over.

All in all, I love the venue and the idea of Mrs. Potts Tea Party. For a 2-hour party I think it can be customized to have an all-inclusive wonderful party experience. My daughters and their friends had a memorable and unique time. The kids and parents were entertained which is the most important part. tea party

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