Birthday Bash: Pop on By for a Bubbly 1st Birthday Party


My littlest baby just turned one, and I don’t know about you, but planning your child’s first birthday party is HARD. 

Since Charlie doesn’t have his own friend his age (HA!), the party needed to be something that works for a baby, but also for kids up to the age of 9. 

After almost a month of brainstorming, I finally landed on a bubble theme, and had everyone “Pop On By” for Charlie’s 1st Birthday!



The Venue

Our house and backyard. I like to have the kid’s parties at our house if possible—it makes set up/ clean up easier! 

I usually set up the night before, but since Charlie is my third, this party was set up the morning of. 

Decorating for birthday parties is not my strong suit, and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest trying to figure out how I want the party to look. 

Bubbles was a tricky theme, and nothing I saw really piqued my interest. Then, while scrolling through Instagram I came across One thru Z—they do the cutest marquee letters and I knew it would look great in our house. 

Once again, I wanted to make this party as easy as possible, and this was no exception. Kenzie came at 10, set up the number 1 right where I wanted it to go and then came after the party to take it down. It was zero effort on my part, which is something I look forward to. 

The Fun

Once we landed on a bubble theme, I knew we had to have BubbleManiacs over! 

I’ve seen them do events around town and knew kids of all ages would love it. They came a few minutes early to set up- they brought a sound system and different buckets and tools for the kids to make huge bubbles with. 

They also had an industrial bubble machine that kept our yard filled for 2.5 hours! They sent out two assistants that helped the kids make bubbles and kept everyone entertained. 

They also were so accommodating when our guests took a little longer to show up (I should have said the part started 30 minutes earlier!) and stayed longer to make sure everyone was there to enjoy the bubbles. 

They were so great to work with that I’m eyeing some of their other services for my daughter’s birthday in November! 

The Food

Due to nap schedules, we always have our parties from 11 am to 1 pm, which is obviously right at lunchtime. 

My husband doesn’t care at all about birthday parties, but does care about the food. 

Trying to balance his interest in the food, and my desire to make the party as easy as possible makes this the one thing we have a hard time agreeing on. 

Enter Rudy’s BBQ. They have a great catering option that came with everything you can possibly need (including the plates, utensils and
tablecloth), so all I had to do was unbox and place it into our warmers! 

The house smelled delicious when everyone walked in, and unfortunately for us, there was nothing left at the end of the party.  


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