Lindsay Olivarez

Lindsay is a #girlmom and #dogmom who can usually be found sporting a mom bun, workout clothes, and good intentions to exercise in them. Former lawyer, former Illinoisan, current harried parent and wife to Jason.

Seeing and Using Your #Blessings

Over the years I’ve been a mom, I’m sure I’ve been guilty of the Social Media Mom Sins of the #HumbleBrag or #Blessed posts. I try my best to be real on my social...

The Story of Us

In early Spring 2006, I was 22 years old, finishing up my senior year of college and working part time as a paralegal/legal assistant for a family law attorney. I was getting ready to...

Looking Back at 7 Years of Parenting

It’s April and my oldest daughter, Ellary, turns 7 at the end of the month.  I know it sounds corny to say but here it is: I literally do NOT know how we hit...

Loving the Big-ish Age Gap

My two daughters are accidentally-on-purpose 5 ½ years apart. We waited until our oldest was 3 before trying for a second, but it accidentally took 2 ½ years for her to arrive. Why? To be...