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Lindsay Olivarez

Lindsay is a #girlmom and #dogmom who can usually be found sporting a mom bun, workout clothes, and good intentions to exercise in them. Former lawyer, former Illinoisan, current harried parent and wife to Jason.

No One Else’s Problem: Becoming My Own Advocate in a Health Crisis

In November 2019, I found myself in the ER with intense abdominal pain. I was sure it was my appendix. I hadn’t been feeling myself for about a week beforehand and my primary care...

Love My ‘Hood: Why Chandler, Ariz., is Perfect for Raising Our Two Girls

Natives and transplants alike sure love the East Valley. Whether we find ourselves in Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek, or another one of our fair cities or ‘burbs, momming is made so much easier by...

Birthday Bash: Turning 8 and Feeling Great at an Enchanted Garden First Sleepover

My big girl, Ellary, turned eight at the end of April! Ummm, WHAT? How do I have an 8-year-old?  COVID hit us hard last year and we celebrated the heck out of her with an...

Good Riddance, 2020-2021 Pandemic School Year: Thanks for Everything

The 2020-2021 school year is coming to an end this month—and thus endeth the second weirdest school year ever (second only, of course, to the 2019-2020 school year which granted us the longest spring...
kindness project

The New Kindness Curriculum that’s Popping Up Across Arizona Schools

“Kindness is a word or gesture that intentionally extends good to others.”  –The Be Kind People Project definition of “kindness.” One day, when my now-second grader was in kindergarten, she brought home a bookmark that...