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Kim Nothdurft

Kim is an Arizona Native who grew up in Mesa. She now lives in South Gilbert with her husband Andrew of 20 years and their 5 children. Kim's 5 kids range from ages 19 to 5 and although she feels she's pretty much seen it all, somehow her kids still seem to surprise her. Kim owns an agency supporting individuals that are members of AZ Dept of Developmental Disabilities with direct home care workers. She works from home trying to juggle it all. More accurately, she’s just dropping a lot of balls and laughing about it and posting it to her IG stories.

We Built a Pool to Save My Sanity

We’ve had our pool for nearly a year now and I wonder what took us so long to pull the trigger. I know things like money and time and oh, you know, money really...

Birth Mother’s Day: How One Gilbert Family Celebrates and Acknowledges the Sacrifice of the...

There is another day for mothers that very few know about and even less understand. It’s called Birth Mother’s Day and it’s hard to find even via Google, but it falls the Saturday before Mother’s Day...

As Long As They’re Healthy, Right?

“As long as they are healthy." Isn’t that something everyone says when expecting? Basically, we don’t care what their sex is, we just care they are healthy. I used to say the same thing,...

WFHM: I Made My Career Work for My Family

I have always considered myself fortunate to have a flexible career that made parenting and working doable. I will always consider myself fortunate for the windy roads that led me to the place I...

Feel the Burn: Burn Bootcamp, Turning 40 and Taking Back My Health

When I walked through the doors of Burn Bootcamp in October 2018 I had no idea how much my life was about to change. I chose Burn because I was turning 40 and felt so...