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Katie Darby

Mom is the greatest title she has to four amazing children. Katie and her husband, Keith, have been together since high school and married for 24 years. God's plan has had her all over the board from senior financial analyst, full time mom, started North Atlanta Draperies, then they moved across the country to Arizona and Katie became full time real estate agent in the East Valley.

Five Parenting Tips for Supporting Struggling Teenagers that You Can Actually Use from an...

Teenagers are an amazing group of children that need their parents more than ever! The need changes from a less "physical" need to more "emotional" need, which can be a big change from early...

Love My ‘Hood: Eastmark

In 2015, my family relocated to Arizona when a great opportunity surfaced within my husband’s company. We started researching the best schools and location to put down roots and settled in Chandler to be...