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East Valley Moms

At East Valley Moms we’re a group of local moms who are passionate about connecting other moms to one another and to our community! Whether you’re an experienced mom, a newbie, expecting, or aspiring to be a mom someday, this blog is for you! Join us as we navigate this journey that is motherhood in the East Valley!

What to do with Kids this Spring in the East Valley

In my humble opinion bucket lists are great way to make the most of a new season. And if you’ve been in the East Valley for any amount of time, you know that spring...
working mom

Working Moms: How to Maximize Time with Kids After the Workday Ends

As a working moms, we sometimes feel the overwhelm of trying to balance family and work life. Sometimes it can feel like we're being pulled in more directions than we can handle, especially with...
Self Care

Self Care Isn’t a Shower: EVM’s Guide to Investing in Ourselves

Self care is more than going to the grocery store alone, or getting a shower. It's filling your own cup so you can pour into your family. We’re firm believers that self care is best when...
meals to new moms

The Complete Guide To Bringing Meals To New Moms

  Before I had my son, I never truly understood how amazing it is for someone to bring you a meal. I like to cook, so it always seemed like the best way for me...
holiday season

Have a Lovely Holiday Season | 30 at Home, Free Holiday Activities

With just 10 days left before Christmas, we’re closing down our laptops for the rest of the year to focus on family during this magical time of the year!  We’re so grateful to grow in...