After a Brain Tumor, this Mesa Mom had Two Miracle Babies and Celebrates Every Day like it’s Mother’s Day


Guest post by Jenna Ford Northcutt

I never thought that being a mother was in the cards for me. I’ll never forget a good friend of mine telling me that our highest calling is to be mothers. I wholeheartedly disagreed. Growing up, I remember wanting to be a mom, but I thought that’s because you had to become a mom. As I grew older, those thoughts changed. 

And into my 20’s, my thoughts really changed as I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in 2012. A large portion of my pituitary gland was damaged and after a rupture and substantial brain bleed, it had to be removed. This left only enough of the gland to keep my body from being completely dependent on medications to regulate my hormones.

With the procedure that was necessary to save my life, came the devastating news that my ability to conceive or carry a child was greatly diminished, if not had been completely impaired. I had accepted that fact and chose to focus on my career. 

Four years later, I unexpectedly became pregnant with my daughter and she changed my life forever, and for the better. She is my little miracle-angel baby and three years later I was blessed with another pregnancy, this time a son.

Being their mama is my absolute greatest blessing. I never truly knew unconditional love until my daughter was born. And of all my accomplishments, the greatest is still becoming a mom. 

Behind me as a mother, is my mom, now Mimi. I don’t think I would have been able to make it through my first years of motherhood without the constant guidance and support of my own mother. She is my biggest fan, and there is never a time that I can remember that she wasn’t in the front row cheering me on. If I fall, she will pick me up. She is the living definition of unconditional love.

I’ve seen her sacrifice herself in every aspect for her children, and I hope that I am half of the mother to my babies that she is to my brother and me. She is strong, independent, selfless, and fiercely loyal. She embodies true strength and courage. She is a loving fighter. I’ve seen her fight for her life, her children, for her family, and for her friends. I am incredibly blessed to come from a line of strong women and be surrounded by amazing examples of mothers. 

I truly believe every day should be Mother’s Day, because one day to celebrate a year of being a mama isn’t enough. It is the hardest and most rewarding job there is. There is no clocking out, no days off, no lunch breaks to be had. It is constant giving of yourself 24/7. Some days are better than others, and some days are just plain HARD (thank goodness for the ability to call on Jesus, and margaritas)

But, these babies have been gifted to us, and they are nothing short of blessings. So as you wear your last hat for the day, lay your babies down to sleep, and kiss them goodnight, remember that your greatest superpower is being their mom. Remember that you are seen, you are loved, and you are appreciated. Even if on some days you don’t feel it, your babies think the world of you, and you are their everything.

You are doing a great job. 

So cheers to you mama, Happy Mother’s Day. Not just today…but every day.


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