A Fin-tastic Party Venue! 


After hosting what felt like 20 parties in my home, I finally hosted my first kid’s birthday party outside our house! 

My kids have been going to Goldfish Swim School in Gilbert for almost a year now, and my daughter has become completely obsessed. 

This year she wanted to have her party at her “swim school” with “real mermaids” and while that task sounds like a lot of work, this was hands down the EASIEST party I’ve ever thrown. 

Goldfish swim school truly does ALL the work, read on to hear how easy a party at Goldfish Swim School can be!

The Venue: Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish sends you an email the week before your party and asks your preferences on a few things, and then they even decorate everything for you! 

They have a beautiful table with balloons, plates, napkins, decor, and even party favors.

They fill their pool with all their toys, floating rafts, balls for extra fun. You get an hour and 15 minutes of pool time, and 45 minutes of food, cake, and present time. 

Their indoor pool is the perfect place for a pool party ANY month of the year, regardless of the weather outside.

Goldfish sets everything up and cleans everything up for you.

You seriously just show up, and if you wanted to leave it at that, you could! Their party is already picture perfect. 

They even let every kid take home a balloon and goldfish bath toy! 

Other details I added to our Goldfish Swim School Party, because I love to support my local business friends! 

The Cake: Honeybee Cake Co

For several years now, we’ve used Honeybee Cake Co. for our birthday and holiday cakes. Not only do they look absolutely amazing and picture perfect, they taste like heaven. Candis makes cake dreams reality, and the cake is ALWAYS A HIT.

The Balloons: Helium Dreams AZ 

My daughter loved her balloons, so even though we went outside the house this year, I decided to see if Steph at Helium Dreams could still make a cute balloon decoration for her party! Steph delivered with the cutest mermaid tail on a stand! It was perfect for photos of my daughter with her friends!

The Mermaids: Enchanted Princess Co. 

As stated, my daughter really wanted to swim with “real mermaids” and Enchanted Princess Company brought that element in perfectly! The kids were so excited to play with real mermaids, and the girls played the part perfectly!

The Photographer: Glitter & Happiness

My friend Lauren, took pictures of the party for me again (as she did last year). I really cannot tell you enough how much this is worth it. Photographers aren’t cheap, but I have found in the past that I’m either present for my kids with no photos, or taking photos and not really present. Having someone assigned to take photos for you, lets you enjoy the party and host!

This post is a sponsored post written by East Valley Moms on behalf of some of the brands featured in the post, but all opinions are 100% ours. Thank you for allowing us to partner with brands we believe in to continue to bring you free content!


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