7 East Valley Restaurants We’re Planning School Fundraisers At


I’ve officially hit the milestone of having a school-aged child. My oldest has just started kindergarten this fall and I still cannot believe it. 

It’s no secret that schools, especially in Arizona, have limited funding. 

The extra money that Parent-Teacher Organizations and fundraising bring in is vital to schools. It allows schools to bring in extra programming, unique curriculum, playground equipment, and the list goes on. 

Whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom, or grandparent we are here to make things easy for you and help get the word out on some amazing opportunities to assist your school while also supporting locally owned restaurants.

You may not be first in line to step in as PTO President, but go ahead and keep reading to ged a heads-up on some businesses looking to help.  




Okay taco lovers, this one is for you. This restaurant gives back one of the highest percentages…30%. Go ahead and reach our to your closest location to schedule a night for your school.

NYPD Pizza

Sign up your school for a “Dough Raiser” at your closest valley location.  

You can reserve a day, Monday through Wednesday, and they will actually supply the fliers for your school, how nice is that? NYPD Pizza is happy to donate 20% of purchases straight back to your school.


This is one of my husband’s favorite spots.

They will schedule a four-hour window where 20% of sales will go straight back to your school. Remember, you must have the flier in hand or be able to show it on your phone.

O.H.S.O Brewery

Located in downtown Giilbert, we frequent this place often and it never disappoints. They’ve named it the “Giveback Program”.  

All you have to do is reach out and reserve a date, Monday through Thursday, bring in the flier and make sure to mention that you are there to support your school. On that day 20% of sales will go to support your school. 

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

There are several locations in the East Valley including Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek and they can commit one day each month to your school. 

On your schools “Ice Night” 20% of your supporters’ sales will be given back to the school.

Barro’s Pizza

Since there are many locations around the Easy Valley, schools partner with their closest Barro’s pizza location.

On the day of the fundraiser, 25% of sales will be donated back to your school or organization. I personally would welcome a night off from cooking, and you cannot go wrong with pizza. 

Organ Stop Pizza

Dinner and a show… AND a fundraiser? Located in Mesa, this is a perfect place to bring the entire family.  

They do have a specific window for dates in the months of April though November that they reserve for their fundraising, so keep that in mind. 

As long as your bring in your flier, a portion of your sales will be collected and sent back to your school.

We are always happy to spread the word and promote both schools and our local businesses. It’s not always easy to add yet another thing to our to-do list, but hopefully you’ve found some ways to help your school.  

It may just be ordering some pizza on your school’s designated pizza night or even just sharing this with your schools PTO. But trust me, as a former teacher, literally every penny helps. 


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