5 Tips for a great Noon Year’s Eve!


Every year we have a very small and intimate gathering we call Noon Year’s Eve! 

On December 31st, from either 11-1 or 10-12:15 (depending on nap schedules) we ring in the new year with our young kids so they don’t miss out on all the midnight fun. 

It honestly started before my son was born. Netflix did a countdown to New Year for kids one year, where you would press play and after an hour, a ball would drop and say happy new year. The purpose was to be able to say Happy New Year with your kids earlier than midnight. I thought it was super cute, so the following year when they didn’t continue it, I decided to celebrate the “Noon” Year ourselves.

Here are a few tips on how I host a Noon Year Party- We can’t wait to see how you celebrate 2023 in your own way! 

Xo, Ashley

5 Quick Tips for a great Noon Year’s Eve! 

  1. Crafts! I always start with a fun craft, Honestly I’m not a Pinterest mom so it’s usually a kit bought from Target or Amazon. It varies year to year. Sometimes it’s paint, other times it’s just big floor-sized coloring sheets! But I like to start with the craft and move on when a few kids get “bored” of crating.
  2. Snacks– Next, we throw out all normal food hours for our Noon Year Celebration and just snack throughout the day until dinner! The kids pick the snacks at the store the week before and I always throw in a fruit tray and veggies tray! 
  3. Props! I always get fun glasses, horns, clappers, party hats, and other fun little props for Noon Years Eve. They entertain the kids AND make for fun photos for you. They also count as a party favor and activity! It’s a win all around. 
  4. Play! This one is obvious, but the best part about New Years mid-day in Arizona is that it is usually beautiful outside- I open up the back door and let the kids play outside as much as possible. We have a fun little toddler bounce house that I bought two years ago now that I pop up for the occasion! It’s always a hit.
  5. Balloons or Poppers! Whatever fits in your budget will be a hit with the kids! We’ve done a make-shift balloon drop using balloons and cheap shower curtain. We’ve also done poppers and had to vacuum it up after! Honestly, you can’t go wrong, as long as you have something for a big HOORAY at noon. Bonus- Balloons also make for a great game of keepy uppy!
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Ashley Lessard
Ashley is Disney-Obsessed Momma to 2 adorable little ones (Charlotte & John) who are both in their toddler years. She has two fun and lovable rescue pups, and an amazing husband whom she first met in second grade. Together they all enjoy hiking and supporting small local businesses. In her free time Ashley is a basic mom who, like most, enjoys Target, coffee, and wine! She also enjoys traveling to Disneyland and eating Pineapple Dole Whip frequently. She loves eating all things sweet, and loves the rain! She is a HUGE fan of watching Disney movies and drinking iced coffee year round. It’s never too cold for iced coffee, seriously, she drinks it in the snow. Ashley’s perfect day (besides a day spent in Disneyland) would be snuggling on the couch watching a Disney movie with a great cup of iced coffee, and the door open to the rain outside!


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