5 Reasons You Need To Shave Your Face


Shave your face? Say what? I promise this is a real thing and these are the top 5 reasons you need to do it!

5 reasons to shave your face!1. You’re a human being, you have facial hair

When I was younger I was horrified that I had facial hair. I was a lady for goodness sake! But, guess what? We all have facial hair, it’s a fact. You may have SUPER light blonde hair, but it’s still there. Look under your chin, your jawbone etc, and you’ll see it. A lot of women notice the most hair above their upper lip, AKA mustache. Not good. And while hair has a purpose on our body I don’t need it to keep my face warm or protect against anything. I prefer smooth baby soft skin!

2. Cheaper than waxing

This is a no brainer. Shaving will always be cheaper than waxing. I will never stop waxing my eyebrows, but I can’t afford to wax my entire face and or body. Shaving your face takes 2 minutes tops and is so cheap. I buy these little Tinkle razors from amazon and they are super affordable. You can also by them at Ulta, Sallys or Sephora!

3. It’s fast and SO easy

Ok so back to your mustache : ) But seriously sometimes you are getting to head out and you notice a little hair above your lip. Do you have time to make a waxing appointment? No! But you have plenty of time to shave your face. Also, I tend to get super red after waxing and don’t always have time to wait for it to go away. When I shave, my skin is not irritated at all. I can immediately go about my day.

4. Exfoliation

If you know anything about skin care, you know that exfoliation is key! Shaving takes away hair AND dry dead skin. Doing it at home is not going to be as intense as going to a salon and dermaplaning. Demraplaning is a much stronger exfoliation, but also way more expensive. Shaving your face will help, but you also want to make sure are exfoliating in your skincare routine.

5. Beautiful smooth makeup application

I love makeup and I love smooth beautiful makeup. If you have hair on your face, you are not able to get a flawless application. After shaving you will see and feel a big difference in your makeup. It goes on much smoother and doesn’t get caught in your fine hair. As always make sure you take care of your skin and wash your makeup off each night. You do not want to irritate your hair free skin : )
Some quick tips before shaving!

If you decide to go the razor route, try a men’s razor! They are meant for facial hair and often work better. Many women like to apply shaving cream all over their face and then shave in the SAME direction as your hair growth. This will decrease the chance for ingrown hairs.

If you prefer to use a smaller brow razor such as Tinkle (like me) start with a clean face and using short strokes, shave in the same direction as your hair growth.

MOISTURIZE! When you shave you are taking off not only hair, but a layer of skin. You need make sure you replenish your skin with plenty of moisture!

If this is your first time shaving, do not worry when a TON of hair is coming off. You don’t realize just how much hair is actually on your face.

Watch this video for a more in depth tutorial on how to shave your face. She is hilarious and shows you exactly how to use a facial razor!


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