East Valley Mom’s 2022 Summer Camp Guide


summer campHave you planned your summer yet? 

Researching summer camps can be a second job for moms this time of year, so we’re proud to have curated some of the most popular summer camps, from day camps focused on special interests, to sleepaway camps a few hours from home.

Whether it’s sports, art, theater or nature, there is a summer camp to keep everyone busy and during this summer!

Here’s a few ‘whys’ for summer camp planning, a few sweet memories of our own from growing up going to camp, if you’re on the fence about investing in camps this summer.

Sleep away camps:

  • Chief Curator Amy: I went to summer camp in Prescott for 13 summers growing up and they are some of the fondest memories of my childhood; I 100% believe sleepaway camp is a treasure for childhood; it gave me lessons in resilience, forced me to unplug from technology and gave me leadership skills. 
  • Contributor Lindsay: I went to a writing camp at Duke every summer from 8th-11th grades. I loved feeling so adult living in a dorm with my friends. We made new friends every summer but so many of us were returning campers that we really became a family. A ton of us are still in touch to this day!
  • Contributor Kim: We started sending Oliver to camp at 8. Sleep away. Out of state sleep away camp! I was a mess talking about it and even worse booking it and actually sending him. But the calls we’d have, the way he would talk about his time there, the way he advanced his skate skills proved we did the right thing! With the exception of 2020 he’s gone every year since and even twice last year to make up for 2020! He will be going again in June. He’s now 13. He loves camp and we love that we can give him this opportunity for life long memories!!

Here’s a video all about America’s Best Sleepaway Camp in Prescott, if you’re curious! 

Day camps:

  • Contributor Laurel: I grew up going to vacation bible school every single summer. I loved it, it was fun to be at church with my friends for a whole week and do a ton of fun activities during the day and the same week they had a summer family program  that ran at night so it was like ALL DAY full of activities and friends.
  • Contributor Barbara: My grandparents would take us to clay camp at the Tempe Center for the Arts, I loved it!  And, my picture was in the newspaper once promoting it, which I thought was the neatest thing! But what is neat about these sorts of special interest day camps looking back is it was such a unique experience for summer vacation. XO,EVM

Click here for our full summer camp guide!


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