2016 Summer Bucket List


summer bucket list

Summer is here and that could only mean one thing, the kids are out of school. We can all either panic or embrace the extended hours we have with them, I highly recommend the later! I would love, love, love to share without this summer bucket list. What’s a bucket list? Well it’s a list comprised of fun things or activities you may want to do with the kiddos. My principal is to keep it simple. Ready, lets go!

    1. Go to the movies: there are a ton of kid friendly movies that are out or coming out this summer. Need ideas check out Angela’s post here. Don’t miss out on the older kids movies that are being shown at Harkins for their summer movie program.
    2. Volunteer/Help out: There are tons of opportunities your kiddos can volunteer. Places like Feed my hungry Children, St. Vincent de Paul, Hospice of the Valley and even your local library is always looking for help. Kiddos too young, help an elderly neighbor with taking trash cans in, rake their yard, walk their dog. Anything helps.
    3. Go thrifting to find some random things!  Goodwill, Savers,  white dove are a few of my favorite!
    4.  Up-cycle a shirt with your kiddos. 
    5. Go to the library 
    6. Rent old movies and have a family movie night. May I suggest: BIG, E.T., Sandlot, Back to the Future, Troop Beverly Hills and the Flintstones.
    7. Go swimming at public pools….City of Chandler & Town of Gilbert has a lot of public pools you can explore.
    8. Make a new friend (say hi to your neighbor)
    9. Go on a hike. Go early morning or closer to the end of the day for cooler temps.
    10. Have a water balloon fight.
    11. Get cupcakes from a vending machine.
    12. Visit a few kid friendly museums. Free days through target’s 3 for free at Idea, Natural History and Art in Mesa or Phoenix Children museum has their free night as well.
    13. Make s’mores and stove top popcorn.
    14. Paint your nails and get fancy with it. Bling it up or use nail tattoos.
    15. Have a water balloon fight. 
    16. Go on a mall scavenger hunt (preferably an indoor mall)
    17. Ride a giant animal all over the mall. 🙂
    18. Make your own juggle bubbles.
    19. Play kick the can with your neighbor friends.
    20. Have a canon ball contest.
    21. Go camping. Head north and pitch a tent. Get away from the hot weather, go outdoors. Here’s our list of my favorite camping spots.
    22. Make delicious ice-cream or popsicles from scratch.
    23. Eat donuts…for lunch!!! with so many donut power houses here in the east valley you should be able to try at least 2 new places. Fractured prune, Bosa donuts, Good donuts, Dunkin Donuts, Krispie Kreme.
    24. Go down a water slide or two or three or more. Sunsplash, public pools or hotel’s pools usually have pools and slides.
    25. Plant a few succulents and spread the pots all around the house.
    26. Drink a a slurpee from a 7-eleven
    27. Photograph nature. Make a simple list, give the kiddos a disposable camera or an old camera or phone to use.
    28. Press wild flowers or leaves. Use that old dictionary you have, grab a few outside and press!
    29. Have a sleepover! 
    30. Engage in a pillow fight. A no holds barge, feather filled pillow fight.
    31. Scrapbook. Make one for the summer. One a day or every other day perhaps!
    32. Plant sunflowers and wild flowers.
    33. Try out a revolving sushi place. (East Wind in Chandler or AHI in Gilbert is worth a try.
    34. Make a tie-dye shirt
    35. Above all, Have Fun!

So there you have it, this year the list isn’t crazy, normally will cost very little or no money. Time is all the kids want, your attention means more to them the stuff. Spend time with them…the summer shouldn’t scare you or make you wish school was back. Take this time to love on the kids, go be the fun mom and oh You have fun too mama.

I hope you make it a great day andI hope I’ve help you make it the best summer ever!.




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